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Digital Marketing Blog

developed for University Project

As part of my studies within a Digital Marketing module at University, I was tasked to create a blog on a subject relevant to my course, I published a number of articles on User Interface Design, Web Frameworks, Search Engine Optimisation, Text Editors and Colour Theory.

Using the WAMP stack to create a WordPress website on my localhost, I created a blog adding relevant plugins before migrating the site to a server. I published a new article on a weekly basis implementing copywriting and SEO skills as well as monitoring user data on Google Analytics. Each blog post upon publication was promoted on many social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc...

  • Developed for - University Project
  • Date Completed - 18th April 2016
  • Skills/Tools Used - WordPress, WAMP Stack, Graphic Design, SEO, Blogging, Google Analytics, Copywriting, Photoshop, Illustrator.